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Stainless steel, nickel, and specialty alloy profiled wires are found in virtually every industry, ranging from architecture and construction, to mining and agriculture. Each profile possesses unique physical qualities that contribute to filtration, hardware, fencing, and a wide variety of other products.

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petrochemical industry
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Profiled wire plays a pivotal role in the agriculture and food processing industries. Out in the field, round and oval profiled wire is used for livestock fencing. Inside processing facilities, flat wire is used for conveyor belts that sort and prepare products.


Stainless steel profiled wire adds both aesthetic and functional value to architecture. Stainless steel is a durable material able to withstand temperature changes and moisture, making it an affective choice for interior and exterior applications. Its “stainless” finish also stays vibrant with age, which keeps structures looking new and modern.


Marine industries and applications demand corrosion resistant products that withstand salt and moisture exposure. That is why 300 series stainless steel is one of the most common materials used to produce profiled wire for shoreline products.


Square and rectangular profiled wire is used across the medical industry for use in orthodontic arch wire. The corners provide more torque compared to traditional round wire, which means teeth do not unintentionally pivot or rotate as they shift side to side. 


The mining industry relies on products and materials that are engineered to withstand crushing forces, intense vibration, and heavy weight. That is why modern mining, mineral processing, and sorting screens are typically manufactured using wedge profiled wire. These complex screens are highly customizable to meet the needs of specific applications, including size (metal area), wedge angle, and alloy.


We manufacture high quality profiled wire for use in critical nuclear applications. For components experiencing exposure to high heat or corrosives, we recommend using Inconel® or Nitronic series nickel alloys. These materials are engineered to withstand harsh conditions without failure, and selecting them for your profiled wire ensures durability and longevity.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry demands filtration screens that can withstand the rigors of challenging work conditions. That is why Central Wire offers wedge profiled wire in a broad range of materials including traditional 300 series stainless steel, in addition to other high-strength alloys.


We have the capability to accurately, consistently, and precisely manufacture wedge and triangular wire. These profiles are often used for petrochemical filtration screens because they can be customized to exacting customer specifications. Whether small spaces are required to capture contaminants and particles, or large spaces are required to handle large volumes of liquid, we can produce profiled wire to satisfy those requirements. 

Spring Industry

Space constraints in electronics, firearms, and other small objects can create engineering challenges for spring wire manufacturers. Because traditional round wire may not perform with enough strength or power in small sizes, profiled wire is often used as an alternative.

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