Nickel Profiled Wire ALLOYs

A Nickel Alloy For Every Application

Central Wire Industries is a premium manufacturer of nickel alloy profiled wire. These alloys include prime 200 series nickel, in addition to Monel® and Inconel®. We also offer a selection of specialty series nickel alloys, including X750, Hastelloy®, L605, and MP35N. These alloys are corrosion and oxidation resistant, making them a durable option for a wide range of applications. They are also heat tolerant, which allows them to withstand the hottest working conditions without failure. They are typically used in situations that require heat resistance beyond the capabilities of traditional 300 series stainless steel.

Our high quality profiled wire is always made to your specifications, and our metallurgical experts are available to help you find the ideal alloy for your application. All of our nickel alloys are manufactured according to applicable ASTM and UNS standards, and we certify it.

 Use the chart below to compare our prime series and specialty series alloys, and contact us if you have any questions.

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High quality profiled wire
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Shaped Profile Wire

Selecting the appropriate specialty nickel alloy is critical to the performance of your profiled wire. Not only are these alloys corrosion and oxidation resistant, but they are also heat tolerant in high temperature environments. Whether your application requires Inconel® alloys to withstand thousands of degrees of heat, or traditional 200 series alloys to combat heavy corrosives, we have an option for you. Below is a list of the standard specialty nickel alloys we use for the production of shaped wire, along with a chart of their typical chemical compositions. Additional alloys are available upon request.

Nickel Profiled Wire Alloy Chemical Compositions

AlloyCMnSiPSCrNiMoCuCoAlTiFeCbVWOther Requirements
Nickel 2000.020% max0.35% max0.20% max0.010% max0.05% max99.0% min0.01% max0.035% maxReport0.17% max0.08% max0.15% max0.0002% maxAs: 0.001% max, Sb: 0.001% max
Mg: 0.05% max
ASTM B160 (chemistry only)
Nickel 2010.02% max0.35% max0.35% max0.010% maxReport99.0%minReport0.035% maxReportReportReport0.40% maxReportReport As, Sb and Mg.
ASTM B160 (chemistry only)
Nickel 2050.020% max0.35% max0.15% max0.008% max99.20% min0.15% max 0.01-0.05%0.20% maxMg: 0.010 to 0.080%
ASTM F3 (chemistry only)
Alloy 20 (20Cb3)0.050% max2.00% max1.00% max0.035% max0.010% max19.0-21.0%32.0-38.0%2.0-3.0%3.0-4.0%Bal(Cb+Ta): 8xC to 1.0%
ASTM B471, B473 & B475
Nickel 2110.008-0.020%4.25-5.25%0.015% max0.015% max93.71% min0.25% max0.75% maxASTM F290 (chemistry only)
Monel® 4000.025% max1.25% max0.50% max0.020% max0.020% max63.0-70.0%28.0-34.0%1.00% max0.10% max2.50% maxPb & Sn: 0.006% max, Zn: 0.02% max
ASTM B164 (chem only); QQ-N-281
Monel® k5000.18% max1.50% max0.50% max0.010% max63.0% min27.0-33.0%2.65-3.15%0.35-0.85%2.00% maxPb & Sn: 0.006% max, Zn: 0.02% max
QQ-N-286 Rev E, F & G / ASTM B865 (chem only)
Inconel® 6000.050& max0.50-1.00%0.20-0.50%0.020% max0.01014.0-17.0%72.0% min0.50% max0.50% max0.30% max0.35% max0.50% max6.0-8.0%1.00% maxTa: 0.05% max; (Cb+Ta): 1.0% max
Inconel® 6010.060% max1.00% max0.50% max0.015% max0.010$ max21.0-25.0%58.0-63.0%1.00% max1.0-1.70%0.60% maxBalB: 0.006% max
Inconel® 6250.10% max0.50% max0.50% max0.015% max0.010% max20.0-23.0%58.0% min8.0-10.0%1.00% max0.40% max0.40% max5.0% max(Cb+Ta): 3.15 to 4.15%
AMS 566 (chemistry only)
Inconel® 7180.020-0.060%0.30% max0.30% max0.014% max0.010% max17.0-20.50%50.0-55.0%2.85-3.25%0.30% max0.40% maxq0.40-0.70%0.75-1.15%15.0-21.0%5.00-5.50%
Inconel® 8250.05% max1.0% max0.5% max0.020% max`0.015% max19.5-23.5%38.0-46.0%2.5-3.5%1.5-3.0%1.50% max0.20% max0.60-1.2022.0% max
C2760.010% max1.00% max0.08% max0.025% max0.010% max14.5-16.5%Bal15.0-17.0%0.50% max2.50% max4.0-7.00.30% max3.00-4.50%N: 0.10% max
ASTM B574 (chemistry only)
Hastelloy X®0.05-0.15%1.00% max1.00% max0.040% max0.030% max20.5-23.0%Bal8.0-10.0%0.50% max0.5-2.5%0.50% max0.15% max17.0-20.0%0.20-1.0
X7500.080% max1.00% max0.50% max0.010% max0.010% max14.0-17.0%70% min0.50% max1.00% max0.40-1.0%2.25-2.75%5.0-9.0%0.70-1.20%TAL 0.05% max
(Cb+Ta): 0.70% to 1.2%
MP35N®0.025% max0.15% max0.15% max0.015% max0.010% max19.0-21.0%33.0-37.0%9.0-10.5%30.0-Bal1.00% max1.00% max
3300.75-1.5%17.0-20.0%34.0-37.0% 0.025% max
35-19Cb0.030% max0.40-0.70%1.80-2.20%0.020% max0.010% max19.0-21.0%34.00-35.50%0.30% max0.30% max0.80-1.50%

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