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Central Wire Industries is a leading manufacturer of custom profiled wire. Our focus on quality and performance in challenging applications has allowed us to become one of the world’s finest shaped wire producers — specializing in complex profiles with tight tolerances. Our shapes are manufactured using a Turks Head rolling process that allows us to achieve the most consistent dimensions of any product in the market today. We design and build our own specialized shaped wire equipment, which provides significant quality and technical control over the manufacturing process. This results in superior surface finish, consistent profiles, accurate sizes, and the ability to make custom profiles in a wide range of configurations. We have the ability to create profiled wire with a variety of different edge configurations, including round, square, natural rolled, or full rounded.

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Shaped Profile Wire

Standard Profiles

Our standard profile wire is always burr free, and net (or near net) in shape with consistent physical properties throughout the entire cross-section. This guarantees a high quality product with dependable performance. Standard profiles include wedges, triangles, flats, and squares in addition to traditional round wire. Whether you need wedge wire for filtration screens or half-round wire for pins and clips, we have a profile that can be used or adapted to meet your needs. Our skilled and knowledgeable engineers are always available to help you select the ideal wire for your specific application or product.

Custom Profiles

In addition to standard forms, we also have the capacity to produce custom profiled wire. Custom profiled wire is available in a broad range of shapes, sizes, and alloys, and it is always manufactured to exacting cross-sectional dimensions. If you are looking for a profile beyond our standard selection, do not hesitate to contact us about a custom solution. From hardware and springs to architectural grates and fencing, custom profiled wire has virtually limitless applications and functions.

Profiled Wire Edge Capabilities

Profiled Wire Edges
square edge profiled wireSquare
Flat edge with minimal corner radius
natural rolled profiled wireNatural Rolled
Slight corner where arc meets flat edge
round edge profiled wire

Flat edge with larger corner radius
full rounded profiled wireFull Rounded
Arc meets flat edge without corner

Flat, round, and square profiled wire is available with a variety of different edge configurations. These include round, square, natural rolled, or full rounded edges. Whether you need flat wire with a very minimal corner radius, or a full rounded wire with smooth corners and edges, we have the capability to manufacture the ideal product for your unique needs and requirements.

To learn more about the many uses for custom profiled wire, visit our applications page.

Available Grades

300 series stainless, 400 series stainless, Duplex / Super Duplex, Nickel Alloys, Brass / Copper, Carbon / Alloy Steels

Size Range

1.25mm² to 150mm² (0.049in² to 5.90in²) CSA


+/-0.0015” to +/-0.00025”

Wire Diameter

0.80mm – 18.00mm (0.031in – 0.709in)

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