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Central Wire produces a full line of economical corrosion-resistant stainless steel and nickel alloy spring wire, produced for the performance required in aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, and general industrial applications. Central Wire spring wire is available from stock in a range of alloys and packaging options. All products can be certified to ASTM A313 or other industry specs, as well as manufactured to your custom specifications.

Central Wire Spring Wire exhibits excellent coiling ability at high speeds and often requires no additional lubricant. This results in less stress on coiling equipment, preserving equipment life, minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput and profits. If additional lubrication is required, we offer several performance coating options.  

Available alloys include Stainless Steels such as 302/304, 316, and 316L. Nickel alloys for use in harsher environments include MP35N, Inconel® 718, Inconel® 600, and Alloy X750. Tensile Strengths range from gull soft to full hard “spring temper”. Performance is tested on every lot of material to ensure we meet your requirements, and full reports are available upon request. 


Manufacturing in Sizes from 0.60mm – 20.00mm (0.022” – 0.625”), depending on material grade and packaging requested. 

X750 Spring Wire

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Nickel Spring Wire
Spring Wire
Stainless Steel Spring Wire
Spring Tensile Wire


Central Wire offers Spring Wire in 300, 400, Nitronic®, and High Strength Stainless Alloys, while we specialize in High Performance Nickel Alloys. 

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Nickel Alloys 

Hastelloy® C276
Inconel® 600
Inconel® 718
Monel® 400
Monel® K500


Stainless Alloys

302S (Euro: 1.4310)
302HQ (Euro:1.4567)
304 (EURO: 1.4301)
316Ti, 2205 (1.4462)

Copper Alloys Available Upon Request


Other applications may apply


Oil and Gas

Packaging Options

Cut length
Custom packaging available

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