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Our technology gives us the edge. No other company has the experience, resources, or global position of 中央电线工业 to support the profile wire industry. Whether you need wedge wire, traditional shaped wire, or custom profile wire, our advantage is based on our years of combining the innovative manufacturing of wire with our relentless commitment to quality.  

Specialists in Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy Profile Wire

For more that 60 years, Central Wire Industries has drawn on innovation to manufacture custom profile wires for a range of applications. From wedge wire for screens to fully custom shaped wire used in aerospace engines, the specialty profile wire we produce has the shape, edge, and tensile you need for your specialty products. Central Wire Industries UK is where your ideas take shape! 


Experts in Round Wire and Slicklines

Our global leadership doesn’t end with Profiled Wire. We manufacture 圆线弹簧线 in stainless steel, nickel, and red metal alloys from .005″ and larger with precise tolerances, and tensile strengths from full soft to spring temper. We support the oil and gas industry with our GD? ? SUPA® Slickline products shipped around the globe directly from our stock – stock located on two continents. Our  CWI GENERATION4 Welding Wire is an evolutionary  product produced to the highest quality standards for use in all industrial welding applications. 

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Browse our Featured products below. Visit our capabilities page to see what additional products and services we can offer. Review our Quality + Testing processes to understand how we ensure our products meet your requirements. Have a Question? Contact us today. 


Profile Wire

manufacturing standard & non-standard shapes

CWI UK is the leading manufacturer of Profile Wire, Wedge Wire, and Custom Shaped Wire in a wide range of Stainless Steels / Super Austenitic / Duplex / Super Duplex / Nickel Alloys and other materials; all with a variety of tempers, finishes, coatings and packages.

GD? ? SUPA®Slickline有线


GD的CWI系列? ? SUPA®Slickline电缆因其卓越的工程设计,质量和可靠性而享誉全球。我们的钢丝在美国,加拿大和英国使用合金制造,这些合金旨在在石油,天然气和地热井环境中存在的苛刻和腐蚀性条件下生存

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我们进化的CWI一代4 ?特种合金焊接产品采用最优质的原材料制造,包括:不锈钢,镍,钴和铜。


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我们在关键任务应用程序中获得全球信赖,原因之一是:我们对质量的承诺。我们成熟的质量体系(包括ISO 9001,AS9100和ISO 13485)证明了我们为维持质量而创建的严格体系。
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With 13 manufacturing facilities across the globe, we have the capacity to turn orders quickly, while maintaining the quality standards you expect. Don?t assume it can?t be done, contact us today for your delivery requirements.

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With 13 manufacturing locations and customers across the globe, we offer solutions and support no matter where you are. Our innovative processes gives our customers the performance they need regardless of application. With vertical integration through our many locations, we have the controls, the knowledge, and the capabilities to manufacture the solution you need.


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Award Winning Team

In 2018, Central Wire Industries UK Ltd was proud to be selected by Her Majesty The Queen as winner of the Queen?s Award for Enterprise in the category of International Trade. This accolade is in recognition of the company?s outstanding growth of over 92% in export sales in just three years.
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