Specialty Profiled wire alloys


Specialty Alloys Enhance a Specialty Product

Central Wire manufactures custom profiled wire in a full line of specialty nickel alloys, including X750, Hastelloy®, L605, and MP35N. These alloys are corrosion and oxidation resistant, making them a durable option for a wide range of applications. They are also heat tolerant, which allows them to withstand the hottest working conditions without failure. There is no need to compromise while making your ideas take shape! Don’t compromise on quality either: all of our specialty alloys conform to applicable UNS, ASTM, and AMS standards.

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Shaped Profile Wire specialty alloys

Selecting the appropriate specialty nickel alloy is critical
to the performance of your profiled wire. Not only are these alloys corrosion
and oxidation resistant, but they are also heat tolerant in high temperature
environments. Whether your application involves thousands of degrees of heat,
or heavy corrosives such as seawater, we have a material for you. Below is a
list of the standard specialty nickel alloys we use for the production of
shaped wire, along with a chart of their typical chemical compositions.
Additional alloys are available upon request.

Our metallurgical experts are always available to help you
select the most effective material for your application or industry.

Profiled Wire Specialty Alloy Chemical Compositions

X75014.0-17.0%70% min5.0-9.0%2.25-2.75%0.70-1.20%0.40-1.0%
Hastelloy X®20.5-23.0%Bal17.0-20.0%0.5-2.5%8.0-10.0%0.20-1.0
MP35N®19.0-21.0%Ni: 33.0-37.0%Bal9.0-10.5%
Alloy 20 (20Cb3)19.0-21.0%32.0-38.0%2.0-3.0%8xC – 1.0%3.0-4.0%
33017.0-20.0%34.0-37.0%0.75-1.5% 0.025% max

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