The CWI GD? – SUPA® Slicklines are engineered for oil, gas, and geothermal applications. Central Wire Industries is a trusted global source for well measuring line and other downhole applications. Our slickline is manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel and nickel alloys designed to provide a continuous, weld-free, bright finish wireline available in a variety of lengths up to 40,000 feet. And with manufacturing and stocking locations in the United Kingdom and the United States, Central Wire Industries can service any well site, whether in you backyard or half way around the world.  

Because oil and gas well conditions can vary markedly from location to location, CWI GD? – SUPA® Slicklines use only have corrosion-resistant alloys designed to go downhole in sour and sweet environments. With eleven material alternatives to choose from, our slicklines can handle the harshest of oil, gas, and geothermal conditions, both on-shore and off-shore.

Central Wire’s commitment to quality and testing means each slickline manufactured comes with a certificate of conformance that states physical and mechanical properties, including alloy chemistry and breaking load. Eddy Current testing ensure continuous wireline lengths without manufacturing defects. Every line can be verified by an independent lab to EN10204 standards. 

A listing of our CWI GD? – SUPA® Slicklines are below. Take a moment to review the technical data sheets available for download. For a more detailed look at the available nickel alloy and stainless steel slickline we offer, Central Wire Industries has centralized our collection of wireline information in one global website. Click below to visit today for all things slickline.  

Stainless Steel Slickline
Nickel Alloy Slickline
CWI Slickline Well Measuring Line
CWI Slickline Wireline


Ligne de mesure de puits
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