Stainless profiled wire alloys

Stainless Steel Profiled Wire Alloys

Central Wire is a leading producer of custom stainless steel profiled wire. We manufacture custom profiles in thirty five different grades of stainless steel. These include 300 series, 400 series, and Nitronic® stainless steel, in addition to high strength 17-7 PH (631) and A286. Stainless steel provides an effective balance of corrosion resistance and strength, which is why it is used for a variety of applications and products, including mining screens, decorative mesh, springs, and floor grates. Furthermore, its bright reflective finish adds visual interest to architectural details such as railings and stair treads. With profiled wire production in the UK, USA, and Canada, we offer a customized solution no matter where you are located.

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Whether you need 300 series stainless steel wedge wire, or Nitronic® 60 flat wire, we have the capability to meet your exact requirements. Our custom stainless steel profiled wire is always manufactured according to applicable UNS and ASTM standards, and we certify it. Use the chart below to compare the chemical composition of our stainless steel products, and contact us if you have any questions. Our metallurgical experts are always available to help you select the most effective material for your application or industry. Simply contact us to get started.

Stainless Profiled Wire Alloy Chemical Compositions

302S0.090-0.130%0.50-1.00$0.20-0.60%0.030%0.015% max17.00-17.50%8.00-8.50%0.50% max0.50% max0.3500.010% max0.04-0.10%
302HQ0.020% max0.40-0.80%0.20-0.40%0.040% max0.015% max17.2-18.50%9.50-10.000.40% max3.2-4.0%0.50% max0.020% max0.030% max
3030.12% max2.0% max
1.00% max0.20% max0.150% min17.00-19.00%8.00-10.00%
3040.08% max2.00% max1.00% max0.040% max0.030% max18.00- 20.00%8.00- 10.00%0.75% max0.75% max
304L0.030% max1.25-2.00% max0.20-0.750.030% max0.015% max18.0-19.0%8.75-19.0%8.75-9.75%0.50% max0.50% max0.015% max0.050% max
304VM0.060-0.080%0.80-1.50%0.20-0.70%0.035% max0.015% max18.0-19.0%8.0-9.0%0.60% max0.50% max0.50% max0.015% max0.020-0.065%
3050.040% max2.00% max0.30-0.75%0.040% max0.030% max17.0-19.0%11.0-12.50%0.50% max0.75% max0.050% max
3090.120% max2.00% max0.60% max0.040% max0.015% max22.0-24.0%12.0-15.0%0.75% max0.75% max
3100.030-0.080%1.25-2.00%0.40-1.50%0.025% max0.015% max24.0-26.0%19.0-22.0%0.50% max0.40% max0.50% max0.050% max0.050% max
3160.035-0.070%1.0-2.0%0.70% max0.040% max0.015% max16.5-18.0%10.50 ? 12.0%2.0-3.0%0.50% max0.30% max0.010% max0.03% max0.060% max0.05% max
316L0.03% max1.25-2.00%0.25-0.75%0.040% max 0.030% max16.5-18.0%10.5-11.0%2.0-2.25%0.60% max0.070% max
316LVM0.030% max1.25-2.00%0.20-0.70%0.025% max0.010% max17.0-19.0%13.0-15%2.25-3.00%0.50% max0.30% max0.050% max0.01% max0.10% max
316Ti0.080% max2.00% max0.75% max0.045% max0.030% max16.0-18.0%10.0-14%10.0-14.0%2.0-3.0%Mo: 2.0-3.0%5x(C+N) min-0.70%0.080% max
3170.08%m max2.0% max0.75% max0.040% max0.015% max18.0-20.0%11.0-15.0%3.0-4.0%0.50% max0.050% max
317L0.03% max1.25-2.00%0.70% max0.040% max0.015% max%18.5-20.0%13.0-15.0%3.4-4.0%0.50% max0.050-0.100%
3210.020-0.060%1.25-2.00%0.40-0.80%0.030% max0.010% max17.0-19.0%9.0-11.0%0.60% max0.50% max0.50% max0.150% max5xC(C+N)-0.70%0.040% max
3470.040-0.060%2.00% max1.00% max0.040% max0.015% max17.0-19.0%9.0-12.0%0.50% max0.50% max0.060% max
4090.030% max1.0% max1.0% max0.045% max0.020% max10.50-11.70%0.50% max6xC-0.75%0.030
409 CB0.050% max0.75% max0.80% max0.030% max0.020% max10.50-11.75%0.75-1.00%0.50% max0.25% max0.1010xC-0.50%
4100.100-0.150%1.00% max0.60% max0.040% max0.015% max11.50-13.50%0.50% max0.50% max0.50% max0.50% max0.080% max
4160.100-0.150%1.25% max1.00% max0.045% max0.32-0.40%12.0-14.0%0.50% max0.50% max0.50% max
4200.30-0.40%0.50% max0.50% max0.020% max0.015% max12.75-14.0%0.36% max0.30% max0.30% max0.040% max0.060% max
4300.0300.30-0.60%0.60% max0.040% max0.015% max16.0-17.0%0.30% max0.50% max0.50% max0.030
4310.12-0.17%0.30-0.80%0.20-0.60%0.040% max0.030% max15.50-16.50%1.50-1.75%0.25% max0.50% max0.100% max
4340.040-0.060%0.60-0.80%0.25-0.55%0.040% max0.020-0.030%16.10-16.70%0.50% max0.90-1.20%0.50% max0.030% max
4390.070% max1.0% max1.0% max0.040% max0.030% max17.0-19.0%0.50% max0.150% max4.2x(C+N)-1.10%0.040% max
440C0.95-1.20%1.00% max0.75% max0.030% max0.015% max16.0-18.0%0.50% max0.40-0.65%0.50% max
4460.150% max1.50% max1.00% max0.040% max0.030% max23.0-27.0%0.250% max
17-7PH (631)0.090% max1.00% max1.00% max0.040% max0.030% max16.00-18.0%6.50-7.75%0.75-1.50%
A2860.080% max2.00% max1.00% max0.025% max0.010% max13.50-16.00%24.0-27.0%1.00-1.50%0.50% max1.00% max0.350% max1.90-2.35%0.10-0.50%
904L0.005-0.020%2.000.25-0.60%0.030% max0.030% max19.0-23.0%23.0-28.0%4.0-5.0%1.0-2.0%0.10% max
Duplex 22050.030% max2.00% max1.0% max0.030% max0.020% max22.0-23
Nitronic® 320.050-0.150%11.50-12.50%0.95% max0.035% max0.015% max17.0-19.0%1.10-2.10%0.30% max0.35% max0.30-0.40%
Nitronic® 500.045% max0.40-0.60%4.0-6.01.00% max0.040% max0.008% max20.50-22.00%11.50-13.00%2.0-3.0%0.50% max0.25% max0.20-0.40%0.10-0.30%0.10-0.30%
Nitronic® 600.100% max7.0-9.0%3.50-4.50%0.040% max0.015% max16.0-18.0%8.0-9.0%0.080-0.180%

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